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best daemon x machina build

Best Build Daemon X Machina – hey everyone I wanted to quickly put together the ultimate build in daemon ex machina this setup is so broken that you’ll be destroying any trash mob in one head and more importantly every boss and offline and online mode in under 60 seconds I’ve gone ahead and clicked out some gameplay of me taking down every boss as proof of concept so you can see how quickly their health bars are getting melted.

I can’t stress this enough this is not only an endgame build but also one you can literally make at the start of the game it’s kind of ridiculous how much of an oversight it is so the setup is both around using both cannon gun arms specifically named HP WAB 14 gun arm BZ.

if you’re seeing the gameplay the idea is to equip both of these gun arms meaning that you won’t have any other weapons other than your mounted shoulders to help you do damage but that’s not an issue since these things do bonkers damage the reason for that is twofold one is that they have high impact damage and also do Splash Damage.

Splash Damage for those who don’t know is when a weapon hits something but also hits an area around the target that’s been struck meaning that with these HP double use if you target a process week or so for example gun 4 it has 4 cores underneath them right next to each other meaning that if you hit 1 or 4 will take damage because of the AoE splash.

usually, an assault weapon and even missiles will only hit one of these cores but with these cannons, you’re hitting everything so the idea is very simple to get up close activate your assault mode which doesn’t begin to tick down until you shoot and make sure your target is lock read and go nuts.

notice that I haven’t mentioned anything about your head chest chip or even leg armors and that’s because they really won’t make up much of a difference in your damage output but it will make a huge difference in staying alive because you get so up close and personal with the Immortals there will be plenty of times that you do take some damage and for that you want to have high durability.

there isn’t a specific armor set that I have in mind I just went with whatever gave me the most amount of armor so how do you get this cannon gonna show my saying well it’s super easy first you want to make sure your rank D if you did all the quest from the demo you’re already there once you reach rank D you will unlock a free mission called reclaim nominators factory it’s a simple kill the trash mouse one and nothing special.

however, there are three stray mech units that you come up against any early game Mo was suitable for this mission so don’t worry about it you’ll be taking them down just fine once you do access them to see if they drop any Goliath arms left and right those are the material you need to craft the cannon gun arms later on so go ahead and finish that mission and make sure you loot all three max if you don’t get a Goliath on in one run try again they’ll drop soon enough.

back at the lobby go ahead and hit up the factory and develop equipment there you should be able to see the cannon gun arms ready to be made and if they’re not there yet keep doing main story missions and this rank and then unlock soon enough once you do set up the craft and it’ll take one mission to get them done so go do any mission completed and come back to the factory and they’ll be ready to go equip both Ken and gun arms and if you have any reserve magazine go ahead and use that too this will give you a bit more ammo in each mission lastly like I mentioned before equip any armor that has high durability or high defense which is probably means it won’t be very fast but that’s not much of a concern if you follow this thoroughly you should be all set and ready to go with no bosses and flood through any of the story and side missions with ease because you’re only using one weapon type don’t constantly keep getting ammo replenished for them so you should never run out and the best part is that once you reach the last boss and he does his gravity poll where he basically takes one gun away from you he basically can since they’re literally attached to you it’s kind of great well there you have it guys hopefully you found this got helpful to make the most broken building game in ex machina.

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