2013 SRT Road-Ready Viper to be Race Tested

SRT is dead serious when it says that its road-ready 2013 Viper is ready to race as well. As such, SRT is entering its soon-to-be-released Viper into the American Le Mans Series to do battle against the mighty Chevrolet Corvette.

Though the American Le Mans is for production-based cars, it does allow for some modification. Basically, to run in the American Le Mans, a car must still have its stock frame and have had just minimal modifications made to its suspension points.  Of course, SRT has plenty of go-fast goodies available for the stock Viper – over 50 parts and accessories according to AutoFoundry.com.

As of the time of this writing, the Corvette is the class leader at Le Mans. It will be interesting to see just how strong the SRT Viper’s racing credentials prove to be.