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2013 SRT Viper

2013 SRT Viper Offered with Many Costly Options

There is no doubt. That 2013 SRT Viper is one good looking car with or without options. However, when you are willing to slap down more than a hundred grand on a car, you might as well peel off a few more bills to really trick that baby out. For $4500 or $5000 a Viper owner can have a pair of fat black, gunmetal, silver… Read More..

Bloodhound Rocket Car

1,000 MPH Rocket Car Engine Successfully Fired

A hybrid rocket car engine has been successfully fired inside a specialized aircraft shelter at the Newquay Cornwall Airport in Britain. Running on a mixture of solid synthetic rubber fuel and liquid high test peroxide oxidizer, the engine was designed to be more controllable and safer than solid-fueled or liquid rocket engines are. The firing, the largest in the U.K. in more than two decades,… Read More..


10 Fastest Sports Cars in the World

Sports cars are machines built with one key purpose in mind: Speed. And not just any speed. Pure adrenaline, pumping speed. While the title of the fastest sports car has changed over the years, here is the current top 10 fastest production sports cars on the market. 10. Pagani Zonda Cinque Roadster, Jaguar XJ220 and Ferrari Enzo (tied) – 217 mph. These exotic-looking sports cars… Read More..

1978 Ford Mustang King Cobra

The Weakest Sports Cars of All Time

We all know them. Those puffy guys with their chests out and sleeves rolled up who all bluff and shine yet have no spine. We also know cars that carry the look of power without having the engines to back it up. Generally speaking, there are two hey-days of muscle cars in America, the 1960s and the cars made from the mid-1980s onwards. That slow… Read More..

McLaren P1

The McLaren P1: a Le Mans Racecar Made for da Street

One of the most delicious unveilings of all time occurred at the recently completed Paris Motor Show when a made-for-street McLaren P1, a Le Mans racecar, was disrobed in front of a drool-heavy crowd to reveal a racer the color of a metallic duck egg yolk. Though metallic in appearance, the McLaren P1 is mostly made up of carbon fiber along with some very exclusive… Read More..

Mosler Raptor GTR

You Can Buy the World’s Only Mosler RaptorGTR

Warren Mosler has long been a man with grandiose dreams. The car maker worked for numerous decades to turn his auto company into a company that could stand side-by-side on the world stage alongside names such as Ferrari and Maserati. Unfortunately, though he was capable of producing mighty fine and might pretty cars, he was not capable of surviving this current time of economic sadness…. Read More..