Bloodhound Rocket Car

1,000 MPH Rocket Car Engine Successfully Fired

A hybrid rocket car engine has been successfully fired inside a specialized aircraft shelter at the Newquay Cornwall Airport in Britain.

Running on a mixture of solid synthetic rubber fuel and liquid high test peroxide oxidizer, the engine was designed to be more controllable and safer than solid-fueled or liquid rocket engines are. The firing, the largest in the U.K. in more than two decades, is an important step in the attempt to drive (pilot?) the Bloodhound SCC rocket car more than 1,000 miles per hour.

The British team behind the new speed record attempt has said that the engine will be tested at least three more times before the actual run is made on a specially-prepared 12-mile-long track on the Hakskeen Pan dry lake bed in South Africa next October. It is believed that, if all goes according to plan, the car will reach its top speed at around 6.5 miles and then nearly all of the remaining 5.5 miles of the track to come to a stop.